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Mogadisho Images

"Somalia Italiana - Mogadiscio - Via C.M. De Vecchi ". Postcard from the 1930's (11)

This road intersects with Corso Vittoria Emanuelo a few hundred meters inland from the Garessa.The arch in the distance was built by the Italians in the mid-1930's, in association I think, with a visit to city by the King of Italy. On the left in the foreground was la Governatore, and later, the Al Aruba Hotel (see below). I worked in the BOCD office located on the right in the late 1980's.

"Somalia - Mogadiscio - Il centro" 1936
Cathedral to the far centre left, and Arba Rucun mosque in the centre right. Hill in the distance was later occupied by Villa Somalia.

"Mogadiscio - Panorama"
Dated 10-12-1938. Looking out over the Municipality of Mogadishu office (in the 1980s)

"Corso Vittoria Emanuelo dalla Garessa"
Italian postcard, pre-1940Copy courtesy of Ms F. Favilla, Italy.
Photo taken looking to the sea, from the Garessa. The Garessa became the Museum in the 1980s, until it was moved into new premises around 1998-9. The original Post Office is visible in far right, at the end of the road
See also a selection from the wonderful photo archives of the Istituto Agronomico per l'Oltremare, of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
4. Mogadishu in the 1950's and 1960s

"SOMALIA - MOGADISCIO - la Tomba di Scek Suffi"
The tomb of Sheik Sufi, somewhere on the hill that Villa Somalia was located on, possibly on Nasib Bundo street, or uphill from the National Theatre. In the centre distance is Xamar Weyne, in the left distance is the tower of the old power station, and in the right distance are ships in new port area

"Mogadiscio - La diga foranea"
Italian postcard . Taken from the "old port", and looking towards Xamar Weyne. Two cathedral towers visible on far right.
Copy courtesy of Ms F. Favilla, Italy

"Mogadiscio - Dalla torre Cattedrale: Citta e Porta"
Italian postcard. Looking back towards the "old port"
Copy courtesy of Ms F. Favilla, Italy

"Mogadiscio - Pallazo degli Uffici"
In the 1980's this building was the office of the Municipality of Mogadishu. Croce del Sud hotel only just visible on the right (the yellow building)

"Mogadiscio - La rada"
Colored Italian postcard. Looking out from "La Governatore"
Copy courtesy of Ms F. Favilla, Italy

"Mogadiscio - Collegio Regina Elena"
Colored Italian postcard. Copy courtesy of Ms F. Favilla, Italy
Looking from the Cathedral, inland towards Villa Somalia

"Mogadiscio - Panorama"
Possibly taken from La Governatore

Looking towards the cathedral from the site of early Governor's office, and later the Al Aruba Hotel. The Somali Commercial and Savings Bank is on the right. (13)

Cathedral, Italian arch and Arba Rucun mosque, looking inland towards the south-west. Possibly taken from the roof of the Garessa. (14)

5. Mogadishu in the 1970s and 1980s

See a larger version here

"Mogadiscio - La Cattedrale"
Fiat taxis in the foreground.

"Mogadiscio - Panorama"
Taken from the Al Aruba hotel

"Mogadiscio - Arba Rucun Mosque"

"Arba Rucun mosque"

Cathedral in background, looking south, (15)

Arba Rucun Mosque, looking north-west (16)

Al Aruba Hotel
Postcard from the1980s (19)

Shabelle Hotel
near the old Parliament building (20)

Xamar Weyne
A lane in Xamar Weyne, the old part of the city

"Suuqa Xoolaha Muqdisho" "Mogadishu - Live Stock Market", postcard from the 1980's. The market was located Waardhigley district, on the inland side of Villa Somalia. The market was moved to Karaan District in the late 1980's (24)

"Market Place in Mogadishu. Photo Ferguson, 1979" [Ceel Gab market, which was burned down in the mid-1980's]


Photo courtesy Lincoln Young, taken around 1984. One of a number of  "arches" conveying official political messages, in different locations within the city. This one was outside the ELU-CARE workshop and "Commerates 15 years of rule by Syad Barre". Note also a big political poster on the far left side of the road. These were usually temporary rather than permanent fixtures.

Taken circa 1984. With Al Aruba hotel to the right

Photo courtesy Lincoln Young, taken around 1984. The "Binoculars", built during the Italian period,  but in serious disrepair in the 1980s. facing out to see, with entrance to the "old port" on the left, and road around to Shangani on the right.

Quarries in Karaan, to the north-east of the city. Lime kilns in the centre forground. Squatter settlement on the horizon, where many of the quarry workers lived


Dagax Tur (Stone throwing) monument. Looking towards Ceel Gaab market and Xamar Weyne beyond


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