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My name is Girde Ali. I am a student at Algonquin College who is ambitious and eager to learn. I have been living in Caldwell Ave for 12 years. I have been involved with the Bellevue Youth Center since 1993. I have volunteered in many capacities. I operated a community canteen which generated funds to asses youth programs. I was influential and contributed many hours in the building of community park. I have been an active member of the Youth Advisory Council. I have volunteered as a tutor in the homework club for over four years. In summer of 1996, I was hired on as a youth worker on a student summer grant. I was responsible for developing, co-ordinating and implementing a summer program for youth between the ages 11-19. I am presently working at the Youth Center on a part-time basis for the City of Ottawa. I am presently working at supervision of the drop in at center.
This year I established Caldwell Team who participated the SYBL which is Somali Youth Basketball Leagues that runs by the Ottawa Police.

This is my Team

Caldwell Team


Here's a list of some of my favorite movies

The Count of Monte Cristo, and SHAOLIN SOCCER

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:

somali music